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Blog videos or vlogs are a very common form of expression nowadays. Several platforms allow streaming these kinds of videos for free. However, when it comes to downloading them, the options are pretty much limited. To maintain traffic and the constant desire to increase the number of views, most of the platforms rarely permit video download. Take, for instance, YouTube. It is one of the biggest and most popular sites for streaming videos. However, it introduced the video download option only recently, which is again only available on limited videos. So you see, the struggle for video download is real. Don’t worry because this article gives you the best guide on which options you can definitely consider this year for downloading free videos.

Is it Even Legal?

A lot of people are confused when it comes to deciding whether or not downloading videos is legal. Well, videos that are protected with copyrights must not be used for commercial purposes. The user must not claim intellectual rights on it in any case. Otherwise, the consequences of this won’t be good.

Indeed, downloading a video doesn’t benefit the original creator or the website in any way because it decreases the possibility of generating revenue with the help of traffic and the number of views on each video. But still, this doesn’t make video downloading illegal. As long as the copyright infringement is avoided and the video is only used for personal purposes, things are on the safer side.

Online Options

Though it has already been mentioned above that video downloading options are pretty much limited, but that doesn’t mean that they completely do not exist. Some very good online tools assist you in this regard. To be honest, there are both paid and free options available on the internet. Some of the free video downloader tools are of really good quality. So instead of spending money on paid tools, it’s better to try free options first. Below are some of the options that you can consider in this regard.

  1. SmallSEOTools

This tool makes video download so much easier. It’s completely free of cost, and no subscription charges are required. It has a great interface that makes video download simple and easily understandable for newbies. It’s an online tool that allows video download only with the help of a good connection to the internet. Once a video is downloaded, it can then be watched in offline mode. It allows saving a lot of bandwidth while you download a video. The tool has a fast performance for video download. It doesn’t interrupt users with unnecessary ads.

The best feature of this tool is that it doesn’t change the original quality of the video while downloading it. Let’s just say that the video you watched was in 1080p HD resolution, so if you download it, the quality will not be changed or shifted to a lower category like 780p or 480p. This is a huge plus point for video download. This tool is available in different languages that can be easily selected.

  1. SearchEngineReports

This is again a completely free website that allows super-fast video download. With a few quick and easy steps, you are good to go for downloading videos. Its processing speed is really fast, and it doesn’t make users wait unnecessarily. Just like Small SEO Tools, this software is also available in different languages like English, Chinese, Español, French, and Italian et cetera.

Coming towards the interface, it’s pretty simple and easily comprehensible. Anyone can use this video download tool without any difficulty. It also allows you to save videos in their original quality or even change them to a lower category if you have any space issues. For example, a video of 1080p can be saved in 780p or 480p resolution. However, a video originally available in 480p resolution or less can’t be changed into a higher resolution.


This is a pretty good website for downloading videos for free. It allows downloading videos from over 10,000 websites, including big names like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, et cetera. You can select quality for video download yourself. However, keep in mind that you can’t select a higher category of resolution than the original one. Its download speed is pretty much amazing, and you get results within seconds. In case your internet is slow, you can limit the bandwidth.

A Few Tips

While looking for a video download tool, keep the following checklist in mind:

  • It’s free of cost and doesn’t ask you for any subscription charges after the trial period
  • It supports multi-streaming download
  • It doesn’t shift the original resolution of the video to a poor one
  • It allows watching saved videos without the internet connection
  • It has an easy interface
  • It doesn’t support copyrights infringement


Video download would have never been easier without free online tools. They make things super simple for everyone and let the users have the fun of videos in the offline mode. By using the tools mentioned above, you can download video without spending any money. However, make sure not to exploit them in any way or use a video protected with copyrights for commercial purposes.

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