Android battery draining too fast? The fault may be from an application

Android battery draining too fast

Have you ever noticed that your Android smartphone is acting strangely? The battery being consumed very quickly, messages of sudden data consumption and even heating while idle? If so, do not despair. This is not (necessarily) the action of time on your device, but rather a kind of malware – and the Play Store is full of them.

According to a survey by Oracle Data Cloud professionals, applications with these “side effects” – which already total more than 10 million downloads – range from mobile games to beauty products. It works like this: Once installed, apps begin consuming their mobile data by downloading video ads and running them in the background. So, the user would never notice their presence (other than by performance impact).

Android battery draining too fast

Fix Android battery draining too fast

Cell phone battery never hurts. But it seems that there is always something that makes our device discharge much faster than we imagine. Fortunately, however, Android has a management system that allows you to identify what each app’s responsibility is in the overall damage to its battery.

This feature is particularly useful if you one day discover that the battery of your cell phone has gone on to last much less. By accessing this system, you will be able to understand exactly who is to blame for this change in battery behavior.

Below, we teach you how to access the management menu in Android 7.0. Through these steps, you should be able to have a better understanding of what your mobile phone’s battery is. Check out:

  1. Access your Android settings. You can do this in several ways; one of them is selecting the app “Configure” from the app drawer;
  2. In the settings, under the “Device” tab, select the item “Battery”;
  3. In this menu, slide the screen down to see which applications are spending more battery;
  4. Clicking on an application from the list, you can see more details about its consumption. If you want to close it immediately to save battery power, go to “Force Stop.”

Dubbed DrainerBot, the practice is pretty profitable for malicious developers. But for the user, about 10 GB of data is spent per month.

Of all the applications that have DrainerBot have been released only five: Perfect365, VertexClub, Draw Clash of Clans, Touch ‘n’ Beat – Cinema and Solitaire: 4 Seasons. Currently, only the last one mentioned is available in the Play Store, since Google has already removed the others.


Who is to blame?

The developer of the DrainerBot is a developer called Tapcore, located in the Netherlands. Its goal is to help developers capitalize pirated versions of apps. The company page does not provide any means to contact, nor did it respond to tweets for clarification.

However, shortly after the Ars Technica site airs on, Tapcore denied its intentional participation in the fraud: “As soon as we became aware of the DrainerBot fraud scheme, we began an investigation. Tapcore is ready to cooperate with all interests and display all the results of our search. “

How do I know if I have been infected?

Apart from the symptoms that are naturally noticed (such as battery consumption, overheating and slowness), you can identify what suspiciously consuming data on your smartphone is.

On Android 9, go to Settings> Network & Internet> Data Usage> Data Usage by Applications. Apps that have DrainerBot will surely be at the top of the list.

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