Why the song “This ole house” should act as a warning.

When you buy a home a Latin phrase of Caveat Emptor is used to offer you a bit of advice. It means “let the buyer beware” and it’s a reminder that you should have a decent house survey done on the property beforehand particularly if it’s an old one. One place you can go for advice on this matter is an Information on buying a house newsletter that is provided by Sam Conveyancing. It is available online.

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It’s a great shame that Stuart Hamblen, Rosemary Clooney or Shakin’ Stevens didn’t sign up to the newsletter as they then would not have had cause to sing the song “This ole house”. The song has been very successful reaching number 2 in the US for Hamblen, number 1 in both the UK and the US for Clooney and then number 1 again in the UK for Shakin’ Stevens in 1981. Not bad for a song that basically laments all the issues with the house and the lack of time to fix them. If they’d had a RICS building survey done then this would not have happened.

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Hamblen wrote the song after discovering an old shack in the woods whilst hunting with John Wayne. The shack contained a dead man and his still living loyal dog. This is why they “ain’t no time to fix the shingles or got time to fix the floor”. It also explains why he sees an “Angel peeking through the broken window pane”. Hamblen bought a mansion with the money he made from the song (which did not need any repairs!)

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