How to Hide your Online Status on Facebook

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how to hide your online status on facebook

Today, we will see how to hide your online status on Facebook. It is a function similar to hiding the time of last connection on WhatsApp or on Instagram by which nobody will know when you are available on Facebook Messenger.

How to hide your online status on Facebook

The process in Facebook Messenger has some trick because you must disable the option in Facebook Messenger and also on Facebook. Otherwise, it will continue by showing that you are active to other people.

1. Hide your availability in Messenger

Hide your availability in Messenger

To hide when you are connected to Facebook chat, you will need to deactivate it in two parts. The first is in Facebook Messenger itself. Tap your profile picture in the upper right corner to go to the Messenger settings.

Access your account initially. You can access your account in the usual way you always do. Log in with your email and password, and then you will have the main Facebook window.

Enter the chat options Then click on the chat window to see all the contacts you have connected. At the top of the window, you’ll see an icon in the form of gear, which allows you to access the options of chat. There you should go to the last option Disable chat.

Select the option to hide your status. After pressing the Disable chat option. You can see a small window that offers three different alternatives. The first alternative provides you Hide your situation for all your friends, where you will appear as disconnected for anyone on this social network and all messages sent to you will be stored in your Inbox so you can watch them later.

Also, you have the option to disable chat for all friends, except for the users you select. So, you can hide your status for others, allowing only specific contacts to know that you are online. In addition, as a third option, you can deactivate the chat only for some friends. This helps you select specific contacts that you do not want to appear as connected.

2. Disable chat on Facebook

Disable chat on Facebook

Do you think disabling availability in Messenger is enough? You’re wrong! The official Facebook application will keep saying that you are connected, so you must disable it here too. First, tap the menu button (the three horizontal stripes) to go to the settings.

Facebook’s list of apps and settings grows almost every day, so maybe it’s difficult to find the app’s Settings. It is almost at the end, within section configuration and privacy.

Now, finally, you can disable the Facebook Chat option. It will prevent the Facebook application from showing you as active in the service chat. If you followed the above indications on Facebook Messenger and also on Facebook, from that moment nobody will know when you are connected.

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