How to Connect Printer to Computer Yourself Without Any Help of Experts

how to connect printer to computer

More than one Windows user has had this big problem and if you are one of them, you have come to the right place because right now, we will help you add a device or printer so that you can print. The fact of not adding a printer or a device or that this printer does not print. We see that when we access Printers and Faxes and we do not see any of our printers installed, and the software is on and nobody has touched anything. You give Add Printer to see what happens and this error appears that begins to give small clues to the problem we have. This problem is in our PC in something known as “Print queue.”

How to connect printer to computer?

In this small tutorial, we will show you how to connect printer to computer. We just have to follow a few small steps and this problem will be completely solved. What happens with the problem the print queue service has stopped? This will not allow us for any reason that we can add any printer. In the same way, it will prevent you from printing, making this a quite annoying problem for most of the users.

This problem is quite easy to solve, we just have to follow these simple steps and you will be able to fix this problem right away, so with nothing more to say, let’s start with this little tutorial.

Steps to add a printer or device in Windows

Hands with laptop computer and printer

Step 1

The first thing we must do is make sure that we cannot add our printer. Now we only have to enter the control panel in Windows 7. We can find it in the start menu. On the other hand, if you have Windows 10 you just have to locate the control panel option right, as shown in the following image.

Step 2

Once we are inside the control panel, we will go to the search engine located in the upper right part.

Once located, we will write “Administrative Tools” in the search engine, as shown in the following image and click on this option.

Step 3

Once inside the administrative tools, a series of options will appear, from which we must choose the “Services” option.

Once we have double-clicked on the option above, a series of services will appear for our PC and we must go to the bottom and look for the “Print Queue” service, as shown in the following image, now. We only have to verify that this service is active. In case it is not active, we must click on the start option in the upper left or by right-clicking on the service and clicking on the start.

Now I can try again to add your printer without any problem. In case it asks you to restart the PC, you restart it and that’s it, now your problem will be solved.

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