How technology is changing our homes

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The advent of the Internet of Things, which enables a host of smart technology to talk to each other, is revolutionising every aspect of our lives, from how we shop, drive and spend our free time. It is also having a big impact on our homes.

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It is now possible to purchase a huge range of smart devices for the home – everything from doorbells and thermostats, to TVs and lights and its dominance is only set to grow.

The power of voice

What once took the touch of a button or several buttons, can now be done with a couple of words. Voice powered assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa can do everything from controlling your lighting and heating, to telling you if your train is running on time and if you will need an umbrella!

Instead of powering up your laptop to search via the internet, using these voice controlled assistants, you can now search using your voice and either add items to a shopping list, or even purchase them, all without lifting a finger!

Heating things up

These voice-controlled assistants can also pair up with a range of other technology, such as smart heating systems and light bulbs, to control the temperature of your home and to turn lights on and off just by speaking. In addition, smart thermostats such as Nest, can be controlled from outside your home. It is even possible to link up your smart devices via your car, to ensure that your heating is turned up and appropriate lights are switched on as you drive up to your house.

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Keeping things secure

Smart devices can also help keep your property secure. This is especially useful for holiday homes. When it comes to park homes Gloucestershire is a popular destination, and even if you live in, for example, London, you can keep an eye on what is happening at your park home via a smart CCTV camera or smart doorbell.

We have most likely only just scratched the surface of smart technology for the home and the day when it is possible for your fridge to automatically know when you are running low on milk and then order some to be delivered with your shopping the next day is probably not that far away!

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