How Do I Know if My Phone is Bugged

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How do I know if my phone is bugged

Privacy is one of the issues that most concern most mobile device users. The fear of suffering a cyber attack, of being hacked or that the smartphone is hacked is shared by many people, so you must know all the tricks to protect your mobile and prevent cyber criminals from achieving their goals.

The design of malware capable of infecting a device to control it by installing a fraudulent file is a practice that is as dangerous as it is increasingly frequent, so it is essential to detect early signs of possible hacking of your phone. We recommend you continue reading this article to find out how to know if my phone is bugged and what to do if it is.

Strange behaviors of your smartphone

If you are wondering how to know if your mobile is being spied on, a first indication is that your mobile begins to shut down or restart frequently and without warning you, it is a clear indication that it may be bugged. If apps open automatically without you doing it or take a long time to open, these are also not natural behaviors for a phone.

Therefore, if you detect any of these symptoms, be alert because your smartphone may be punctured.

Overheated mobile

Do you barely use your mobile and notice that it is very hot without being exposed to the sun when you pick it up? In this case, your device could be infected. When a smartphone runs actions in the background without the user’s consent, its components often overheat.

Overheating your mobile is another indication to consider a possible hack, putting the privacy of your personal data at serious risk.

Notable decrease in autonomy

Another indication that helps how to know if you have a bug on your mobile is experiencing a noticeable decrease in autonomy. This decrease may be due to natural causes such as excessively high brightness, continuous activation of wireless networks such as Bluetooth, WiFi or GPS or frequent gameplay.

However, when this decrease in the autonomy of your mobile device is not due to any of the above causes and the battery lasts less and less, it is an unequivocal sign of a malfunction inside the phone. In this case, it could be hacked or bugged.

Notifications disabled

Check the status of your mobile notifications, especially when you detect that the phone does not notify you as it usually does of new messages received from WhatsApp, SMS or notifications from other applications.

When this happens, explore the settings of your smartphone and check that they are all activated without seeing anything strange. You should also make sure that the notifications of applications in which they can spy on you are active, such as Telegram or WhatsApp. Sometimes, another person from your closest environment can deactivate them so that you do not discover that they control your mobile.

Deactivating notifications usually happens in cases where they try to access WhatsApp with applications capable of cloning your phone to another mobile, but it also occurs in more cases. Therefore, you must activate them and, if your smartphone notifies you of any activity that you have not carried out, it is probably because someone has clicked on it to spy on you.

Apps not installed

If applications appear on your mobile that you do not remember having installed, you should suspect someone has bugged you. In the settings, you can check the downloaded applications: if you find any that you have not installed or have never used, choose to uninstall them.

Strange sounds or noises during calls

This is one of the most suspicious indications of a possible hack or puncture of your mobile. If someone spies on your phone conversations, you will hear strange noises or very annoying interference.

Unusual factors

How to know if your mobile is being spied on? When it takes a long time to turn off or turn on, contacts disappear from your phonebook without you have deleted them, and new strangers appear, these symptoms will make you suspicious: your smartphone could be bugged.

Receiving strange or unknown messages and a considerable increase in Internet data usage without a logical explanation indicate mobile hacking.

What to do if my phone is bugged?

There are some solutions to get your phone to stop being bugged. Once you have verified that it is, we give you the following tips to recover the privacy of your mobile device:

Deactivate call forwarding by going to the settings section dedicated to calling forwarding or entering the code **##002#.

Format the mobile to delete everything they may be controlling or spying on. First, make a backup, so you don’t lose your data and then look for the option to erase all data in ‘Settings’ so that a reset of the device from scratch occurs. Once it has restarted again, you configure it from the beginning and thus, you will have managed to delete the infected applications and the call forwarding.

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