Fire Doors: What They Are and How They Work

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We hear about fire doors very often in recent years. Because they are fire-proof devices that can be useful to limit the practical damage of a possible accident. The Fire door manufacturer plays a big role in the manufacturing of the safety door. The fire doors consist simply of doors that are characterized. Because of their materials, a very high capacity for resistance to fire and heat. Its purpose is to be able to isolate flames in the event of a fire.

What are fire doors?

Fire doors are a very useful device protection instrument against fire risks that are worth taking into consideration. Turn to companies that deal with fire protection products to be able to deepen this theme.

But what are fire doors and how do they work? What are they made of? Let’s try to find out more about these products and their characteristics.

How do fire doors work?

The fire doors are structured with materials that resist the heat of the flames. In this way, stop feeding them. Thus preventing them from spreading. They are a passive protection tool against flames.

They are made of materials designed to be able to withstand high heat sources. The purpose is to cut oxygen and fuel the flames to prevent their spread.

A passive protection system of this type uses a combination of different materials. They are typically steel, plaster, glass, layered vermiculite, wood.

To comply with the law, all fire doors must be equipped with the REI code, i.e. fire resistance, which are:

  • Resistance, i.e. the ability of fire doors to withstand even in the event of a fire. However, this is a requirement that has been removed for this type of product.
  • The REI classification varies based on the minutes with which the fire doors can resist the fire’s action. The most used doors are the REI 60, which withstand fire for an hour, and the 120.
  • Each door must be accompanied by a label, a document certifying that the doors have been tested for heat.
  • Fire doors must also comply with all the fire regulations in force, on the specifications of periodic maintenance and use.
  • Fire doors must always be maintained in the best possible way to guarantee resistance in the event of an accident and fire. The perfect functioning of these products must be guaranteed. For example, by the proper functioning of the window or door. Fire doors must also be resistant to flames and high heat. They are not immune to combustion and they are damaged in contact with high forms of heat. They allow to limit the scope of the fire and its damage and are therefore essential to preserve the safety of things and people.

Reasons to use fire doors

The fire doors are perhaps the most commonly used technical doors in construction. In addition to the wooden doors that we all use in a building, there are other doors called technical doors. It has special characteristics, such as acoustic doors or isophonic doors. Fire doors that we will emphasize in our post this week allow us to minimize the risks of a fire and its spread.

If you do not know why you should consider the use of fire doors in your project here or we leave powerful reasons:


It is the most important and common of the reasons fire doors are used. Fire doors take longer to burn and therefore lengthen the time. This helps to evacuate people from the building and control the fire and reduce economic damage produced.


Fire doors have all the advantages of technical doors but with all the aesthetic value of wood. In architecture and decoration, security should not be at odds with beauty and fire doors with their wide range of finishes available. It offers the possibility of including this security element in an almost imperceptible or identifiable way. Then, it becomes practically one more decorative element.

It can be an excellent passive protection system to reduce flames or smoke between compartments within a company. It is no coincidence that they are widely used in public places or open to the public. There are particular fire risks (think of bars, clubs and restaurants) and private structures. Fire doors can also guarantee the safety of part of the room from fire or reduce damage in the event of a fire.

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