6 Reasons Your Phone is Still Overheating 

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There are many reasons why phones get hot. Your phone temperature will increase whenever you’re using it for prolonged periods of time, running power-intensive apps, or using many apps simultaneously. A little warmth is common, but sustained high phone temperatures can be caused by bigger problems.

Phone overheating commonly happens in these situations brought out by online casinos for real money:

1. Gaming for long periods of time

The sheer breadth of available mobile games is one of the best reasons for buying a smartphone. But high-intensity gaming apps use your phone’s central processing cores in addition to its graphics processing unit (GPU), which can warm up your phone quickly.

2. Streaming content

Watching YouTube or Netflix for hours is another surefire way to overwork your phone’s processor. Streaming content or watching TV online means your phone has to load video data and keep the display active for a prolonged period of time, courtesy of best sa online casino.

3. Your settings aren’t optimal

If your screen brightness is always maxed out or you use animated wallpapers and widgets, try a static background and let your phone automatically adjust the screen brightness to match your environment. This will lighten the load on your phone’s CPU usage and keep your phone temperature down.

4. Outdated apps

If an app has a bug or other problem, it may cause increased phone temps by overusing your device’s processor. Keep your apps and operating system updated, because updates often include important bug fixes. After you apply the update, your phone should perform better and overheat less frequently.

5. Software updates

A phone may overheat during or right after an update. This might be because there was a bug in the OS that required fixing through the update, which can require increased power for a moment (but shouldn’t trigger a long-term overheating issue).

6. Environmental factors

Leaving your phone outside in the sun or in your car on a hot day can cause it to overheat. This will also prevent the touchscreen from working properly and cause the battery to drain faster (excessive cold can have the same results). In addition to sun and heat exposure, water damage can also cause phone overheating.

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