Time for some Garage TLC

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It’s customary to consider the inside of your home when it comes to redecoration but there is also one part of the property that needs a bit of tender loving care as well.  Your garage is  an asset that may be extremely underused at the moment.  It seems that for many of us, rather than storing our vehicles,  or even making other use of the space,  the garage has simply become a dumping ground for things that we haven’t been able to throw away yet.  bulky items such as furniture, old bikes, and things that we have built from other properties start to accumulate in the garage.

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This is a great  shame as the garage could be a wonderful place with huge potential. A Garage Doors Bristol based company like www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk Can be the starting point for the rejuvenation of your garage.  A Pristine new door is one of the most noticeable features of a garage and will make a big impression.

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If the new door is fitted, the sky really is the limit.  You may well want to store the car into the garage overnight and have the space to do minor work.  Once the spaces are cleared out you may decide to install other things in the garage such as a gym,  Art studio, or as a  refuge for  your children’s more bulky play items such as a snooker table, table football  unit or as a space for table tennis.

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