Packing tips for a Summer Staycation

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If you want to avoid the long queues at airports, are not a fan of flying, or simply prefer to explore the UK, then you are probably familiar with a staycation – a holiday in the UK. When it comes to packing, although you do not have to worry about the weight restrictions on luggage like you do at an airport, you might struggle to pack efficiently when staying in the UK.

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Remember the Changeable Weather -In the UK the weather can change quickly, so when you are packing make sure that you are prepared for whatever the weather might throw at you, even during the summer months!

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Use a Trailer – If you have a car that is full already, then a trailer is a great idea. When you have very little room in the car, a trailer can help you to get everything comfortably packed. Having your own trailer is useful, and easy to care for and maintain – you can get trailer parts online from somewhere like this https://autoandtrailer and you can do some of the maintenance yourself.

Check what you do and don’t Need at your Accommodation  – To cut down on your packing list, it is a good idea to be aware of what is provided when  you are at your accommodation. When space is limited, it is possible to save space when you know what you do and don’t need.

For example, check if items like towels and bedding are provided, as well as the facilities that you have when you are there – if you have a laundrette available nearby, then you can pack less clothes and wash them as you go along.

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