Famous Pirates of Britain

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If you want to spend time sailing on the beautiful seas around the British coast, then a day skipper course like this https://www.solentboattraining.co.uk/rya-sailing-courses/rya-day-skipper-practical-sailing is a great way to improve your sailing skills. One of the most notorious historical residents of the seas in days gone by of course are the pirates, and in the UK there are many tales of pirates around the coastlines.

Here are some of them…

Edward Lowe – One of the most notorious of all British pirates is Captain Ned Lowe. His reputation for violence preceded him and he quickly made a name for himself as one of the most bloodthirsty pirates to sail the seas.

He was the cause of his own demise when he attacked his own crew, leading to a mutiny, where they then left him on a desert island.

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Black Bart – The man named Bartholomew Robins was also known as Black Bart, and was one of the most successful British pirates. With four ships under his command, he managed to loot a great number of ships in the three year period of his captaincy.

Blackbeard – Probably the most famous pirate of all is Blackbeard, otherwise known as Edward Teach. He was notorious for his way of dressing before going into battle, designed to intimidate the enemy – strapping pistols all over his chest and putting fuses in his beard to let off smoke.

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Calico Jack – The famous jolly roger logo of the skull and cutlasses comes from Calico Jack’s flag. As well as being a famed pirate in his own right, he also had two famed female pirates in his crew, Ann Bonny and Mary Read.

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