An introduction to rich media ads

Every company is looking for advertising that makes a difference, not just to immediate sales, but to their overall brand image too. Rich media ads are thought to be one of the most effective types of online advertising because of their engaging, dynamic nature.
But what do advertisers really mean when they talk about ‘rich media ads’? And is this the right option for your brand?

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What is a rich media ad?

Rich media is a phrase used to describe dynamic advertising that integrates different types of media. It may contain a blend of videos, images, and text. It may even contain sound and it might encourage viewers to interact. It is, in essence, the antithesis of traditional, static, single-media ads that have dominated both print and online media for so long. A good rich media ad can even be seen as valuable content in its own right that people genuinely want to see. Done well, rich media ads can be an enormous boost for your brand.

Do I need rich media ads?

If you want advertising that excites, not annoys, then yes. If you want to be seen online and not ignored, then yes. If you want to be a brand that looks like it invests in quality marketing and makes the most of the latest technology, then yes. If you are looking for quality click-throughs, then again, rich media ads are a great choice. There are very few companies for whom rich media ads will not be a huge benefit.

What is the next step?

If you think rich media ads might be a good option for your business, then looking for expert help is the next step. Teams like those at know a lot about creating rich media ads, especially HTML5 banners.

These kinds of ads have really improved the advertising landscape on the internet and have helped evolve digital advertising into an art form in its own right. Whether it’s the best choice for your brand is up to you, but by looking for expert assistance you can create ads that really hit the spot.

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