5 Most Promising Professions For College Students

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Students get to school to gain vital skills that will enable them to pursue rewarding professional paths. Some careers or professions are gradually being phased out. Others are flooded or do not attract competitive remuneration. 123homework.com helps you with assignments and term papers so that you can perform well and improve your career prospects.

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A profession is promising, either because of a growing demand for workers in the area or the rewards that professionals in the industry get. While these are great motivations for students to get into their careers, a student must consider passion and personal preferences. Still, the competitiveness of a profession should be viewed as a long term issue as opposed to the next three or four years. Here is a look at 5 of the most promising professions a student should consider joining.

  1. Information Technology

Information technology is one of the widest fields we have today. It encompasses hardware and software issues. Information technology remains promising because the world is increasingly becoming dependent on technology. It means that more industries, businesses, and professions will require people who understand information technology.

Some of the most lucrative segments of information technology include robotics and artificial intelligence. Computer programmers will also be required to produce advanced applications for different purposes. The types of applications that are in demand currently are CRM, ERP and SaaS that utilises artificial intelligence to assure efficiency and speed for businesses for several tasks such as contract management and supplier performance management. Since these are daily tools used by end-users, there will always be a need for an IT specialist in any work environment. It is also an opportunity to pursue self-employment.

  1. Nursing

Nursing is one of the oldest health or medical professions and will remain relevant way into the future. People will still need the expert care provided by nurses because technology is yet to get to the point of self-assessment. A nurse will always be required to look after seeking persons in homes and hospitals.

Nurses are also in high demand due to rising life expectancy levels. The nurses are taking care of a growing aging population that requires care. An increase in lifestyle diseases also means that nurses are on high demand for personal and communal care.

  1. Electronic And Communication Engineering

Electric, electronic, and communication engineers will be some of the most sorts after professionals in the next decade. The engineers are required to put in place macro and micro infrastructure to power information technology. The engineers are also tasked with designing some of the most complex infrastructures to support an expanding information technology space.

Electrical, electronic, and communication engineers have the huge task of delivering technology to the doorsteps of consumers. Companies are also competing for the most talented engineers and professionals in the field. This makes their remuneration one of the most competitive.

  1. Social Media

Social media professionals form part of the youngest workers today. The profession is just a few decades old, yet it is expected to remain competitive, going into the future. The face of social media professionals is the social media manager. However, social media has created more professions than is visible.

App developers, technicians, marketers, and content developers keep the social media scene running. Professionals will be expected to keep brands and individuals at the top of the social media food chain. This is also a lucrative career path because it offers excellent chances for self-employment.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is a tough but one of the most rewarding professions you will ever join. Competing sources of information today are demanding the most creative marketer. You need a professional who can convince the market. As long as you are ready for the challenge, there will always be a company looking for you.

Professions of the future will focus more on skills and personal drive than qualification. Create a profile and attract business to your end. Build a portfolio, and the world will be at your feet.

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