4 Common Computer Problems You Might Encounter Frequently

Using computers in our day-to-day life has become a necessity, which also requires you to fix issues as soon as they occur. These tech issues sometimes appear scary, but some of them take a few minutes to fix them. You may rarely need to replace any particular part when there is a severe problem. Else, tweaking the system settings does the job in most cases.

The article explains some of the most common computer problems and the best ways to fix them without any technical help.

Video File Cannot Play

Videos are an important component of our everyday routine, and we need to play them on the computer for professional and personal reasons. First, there might be many reasons for your computer to not play the video, such as the file might be corrupted, the player you are using is an outdated one, the player doesn’t support the file extension, and many others. Whatever the reason may be, let’s see how to fix this issue.

If you face such a problem where the video file cannot be played on your computer, you can try to open that file with a different media player. For example, if the video file is not opening with a MOV video player, try to use VLC or Windows media player instead. Try converting the files such as imovie to mp4 and then playing it.

If the file is corrupted, then try to install third-party software. These tools allow you to fix any issue in the corrupted video file, such as syncing problems, video corruption, frozen video, etc. You can even choose the quick or advanced settings for videos to get repaired as per your own preference.

Audio Issues in Computer

Audio problems are common, and solutions are even simpler. If this happens, you start to play a video, and suddenly the speaker or headset fails to produce any sound. To get rid of this fault, you need to check the audio system. Let’s see how we can fix it.

In most cases, the hardware isn’t the problem when audio issues arise. So, first, make sure that your computer isn’t set on mute mode or try to increase the volume of your speaker. Nowadays, many headsets and speakers come with volume and power buttons. Check them, and then try if that solves the issue.

If there is still no sound, then go to the speaker icon from the menu bar and right-click on it. A new window of setting will appear to check if the right device is enabled on your computer. You can also test your external device with these settings. If still there is no sound coming through, then probably there is a hardware issue, and you might need to buy new speakers or a headset for your computer.

Printer Stops Working

Print command not working? It might be the drivers or the printer itself that is causing the problem, and your printer fails to perform the required task. To fix it, check if you receive any error message either on the computer screen or on the printer’s screen.

Also, check if there are papers in the tray and they are properly aligned. Check if there is sufficient ink available. Fill the cartridges with ink if required. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try to restart your printer. You may also update the drivers to fix any problem with the printer.

In most cases, the problem disappears once you restart your printer and computer too. If nothing seems to solve the problem, open the software settings of the printer from the computer. If you see any issue over there, try to solve it and also check if the printer is updated or not.

Abrupt Shut Down

If your computer is shutting down all of a sudden without any prior warning, there might be some hardware breakdown. In that case, you need to run a diagnostic check to check what hardware component is creating the issue.

In most cases, you might be running heavy load applications which the computer might not support and shut down abruptly. If this starts to repeat frequently, it will damage the hardware beyond repair. So, find the app which is at fault and delete it permanently from the computer.

If the hard drive has turned corrupt, you will be required to replace it. In that case, try to back up your data if possible because the chances are thin. If planning to buy a new storage media, try to install an SSD instead.

The Conclusion

In most cases, the computer problems are simple to fix; you need to identify the actual error, though. If you face any such issue, try to check the drivers, see if any updates are available, check all installed apps, or run diagnostics checks to get rid of the issue. Whatever action you take to resolve the problem at hand, make sure to back up your data.

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