The best visual editors for WordPress (Fastest and automatic)

WordPress is wonderful. Thanks to him, people who have no idea of computers can have a website or a blog. That was unthinkable, not many years ago! In short, it has democratized the online presence. Although it has a “but,” and is what it costs to get it to have the design you want.

For that, either you have the necessary knowledge, or you have to hire someone to do it for you. Or so it was until a while ago. Because a few years ago appeared the visual layout, tools that can give your WordPress a look you want almost effortlessly.

And since there are so many options, I have prepared this post in which I talk about the best visual editors for WordPress that exist today.

Best visual editors for WordPress

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. Thrive Architect
  4. Visual Composer
  5. Divi Builder

Do you use any of these visual editors for WordPress?

Best visual editors for WordPress

What does this type of publisher contribute to WordPress?

If we summarize it in one word, the great advantage of using visual builders in WordPress are the possibilities. In particular, the possibility of creating your theme for your web page. It distinguishes you from the rest of the competition and adapts to your needs.

All thanks to features like these:

  • Easy to use: its operation consists of “drag and drop” what you want to incorporate.
  • Zero code: you do not need technical knowledge or touch files CSS, PHP or HTML.
  • A / B tests: how to modify the subject is simple; it is easy to do tests to see how to convert more.
  • More features: many have add-ons that allow you to add new resources.
  • Saving time: between how easy it is to use it and not depend on third parties, your website will be ready much sooner.

And all this by doing it yourself … What else can you ask for?

What if we recommend, as always, is that if you use an editor of these, always count on a quality hosting like ours, to guarantee an optimal loading speed.

1. Elementor


It has been the last to arrive, but it is monopolizing all the compliments. The reason? Everything it offers at zero cost.

That’s right, with Elementor you have everything you need to design a web page (or layout your tickets) without spending a single euro.

All this with incredible ease, with plenty of documentation on the Internet and with the certainty that it is 100% responsive.

And if that is not enough, it has a paid version that further increases your chances. Although maybe you do not need it since you can add third-party add-ons to get where the free version does not arrive. Are we looking at the best page builder for WordPress? It is very probable.

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

We now turn into a veteran in the field of visual Word Maker for WordPress. In Beaver Builder, apart from being able to create your design, you find some interesting tools such as:

  • Pre-designed templates.
  • Installation of add-ons.
  • To be able to use it in unlimited sites.
  • Shortcodes

To all that, add how light it is (so it does not affect the upload speed), which is SEO-oriented and compatible with WooCommerce.

As a negative point, you have to pay to get all the features (Although it has a fairly limited free version).

3. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

It is one of the best visual editors for WordPress and that many bloggers use to create their sales pages and capture leads. Because although it can be used to create any type of page, it is clear that its orientation is to help you increase your number of subscribers, sales, etc.

And it’s not because we say it, but because it has 262 predesigned themes of landings pages and plugins focused on a conversion like:

  • Testimonials.
  • Countdown.
  • Customizable buttons.

And much more. Come on, if you intend to make money with your web page, Thrive Architect makes it easier. Although I insist, it is valid for any site.

4. Visual Composer

Visual Composer

We arrived at what could be the most installed visual layout in WordPress. The reason? It is the one that is included in many of the ThemeForest templates. And that is where its great advantage is: being so extended it is very easy to find the solution to any problem that appears.

Add to that the following characteristics:

  • It has predesigned templates.
  • You can add third-party add-ons.
  • You have updates for life.

Do you have a problem? Unfortunately yes. It is a somewhat old tool and in which if you add many elements, the loading speed of your web page will be affected. Luckily, it has a free version so you can always try it.

5. Divi Builder

Divi Builder

With this visual editor, something very curious happened. At first, it was only available to template buyers in Elegant Themes, and it worked only with their designs.

Now it is just the opposite. That is, buy Divi Builder (which is compatible with almost any template) and include the designs and plugins of Elegant Themes.

That is to say that in a single payment, you get one of the best page builders for WordPress and much more.

The problem? That all this package is expensive. It has a price of $ 89 per year) although if you are clear that Divi is what you are looking for, you have the option to pay only $249 once.

It is an alternative to keep in mind since, in the long run, it is a very interesting saving.

Opt for the option you choose; you have to know that you also receive:

  • Unlimited licenses: you can use Divi on as many pages as you want.
  • Updates and support: endless while you are a member.
  • Tests A / B: allows this functionality and thus know which design works best.

And although it does not have the free version, on its official page you have an online demo so you can see everything you can do.

Do you use any of these visual editors for WordPress?

I have nothing more to tell you … For me, these are the best visual editors for WordPress that there is today. But enough that I only speak, now I want to know your opinion.

What editor do you use? Are you for or against these types of tools? Do you know another one that is not on the list and worthwhile? I want to listen to you too, and for that, you have the comments below.

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