The 285 Area Code Explained

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285 Area Code

Perhaps you have noticed that your phone’s area code is 285, or maybe you’ve seen it on the list of the top ten most populated areas in the United States. Either way, it turns out this number has a lot to tell us about our history!

The history of the 285 area code

The 285 area code is the newest area code in the United States. It was created on October 1, 2009, as part of a plan to make phone numbers more manageable.

Before the 285 area code was implemented, the previous area code for Atlanta was 404. Because 404 was already in use for other areas, such as Savannah and Augusta, Georgia, the new area code had to be specifically designated for Atlanta.

The 285 area code is expected to last for at least 10 years. After that time, it is possible that another area code will be needed to accommodate the growth of the Atlanta population.

The significance of the number

Area codes are important numbers in the United States. They are the primary way that people can communicate with each other over long distances.

Each area code is divided up into several counties. Each county has its own telephone system, and people in different parts of the country need to dial different area codes when they want to call someone else in their county.

Area codes were originally created so people in different parts of the country could easily communicate. Today, they are still important for long-distance communication.

Maps of the area code

Area code 202 is located in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. It covers parts of Maryland and Virginia.

Area code 202 was created in 1947 due to the increase in the population of the Washington D.C. area. At the time, the number of telephone subscribers was growing rapidly, and creating a new area code was necessary to handle all of the demand.

The 202 area code is split into two sections: The northern section, which covers parts of Maryland and Virginia, and the southern section, which covers parts of D.C. and Northern Virginia. The northern section was assigned the area code 301 in 1947, while the southern section was assigned the area code 202 in 1958.

Who uses the number?

Telephone companies use area codes to divide their customers across multiple lines. This way, the company can offer each customer more phone lines and more assistance (such as faster call waiting times) than if they had their own line.

Each area code is divided into smaller areas called exchanges. Each exchange is responsible for routing calls to the appropriate line based on the dialed number.

For example, if someone in Los Angeles calls 911, the 911 operator would route the call to the emergency operator at the local exchange in Los Angeles. The emergency operator would then contact the person who made the 911 call and vice versa.


Area codes are a crucial part of the United States telephone system. They help route calls and track where people are in relation to one another. This is important because if someone calls you from outside your area code, your phone will automatically place that call through the closest switchboard that handles calls from outside your area code.

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