Six useful graphic design tools

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Digital technology has completely changed the world of graphic design, thanks to an array of software packages and tools that make it easier than ever before to create images, make alterations and enhancements, and transfer them to digital media.

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If you would like to have a go at updating your own website or producing images for it, the following programs may be just what you need. It doesn’t matter what you specialise in, even Rubber Injection Moulding companies like for example need them.

1 Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best-known and oldest photo editing programs around; however, it has been updated to provide much greater value for users. PC Mag even gives the software package, which is now available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud software suite, a five-star rating, placing it above all its rivals.

2 Sketch

Sketch is a vector editor that enables users to improve screen design, such as interface elements and icons. Unfortunately for PC fans, the software is only available on Mac at the present time. The software package is available through annual subscription, with frequent updates throughout the year.

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3 Inkscape

If cash flow is a problem, you could do worse than download the free Inkscape software – another vector design program with good file support that enables you to manipulate text. This is a great option for businesses choosing to go it alone, although it is worth noting that you can source an affordable website.

4 Gravit Designer

Working across all platforms, Gravit Designer is another free vector editor, but this one has online options. Use it directly from the cloud; alternatively, for faster results, install the software on your computer, where it makes use of local hardware to run more efficiently. This is the vector editor of choice for many web designers. As it is free to use, it is well worth taking a look.

5 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018

It has been around for a while now but CorelDRAW is another vector design application of choice for many web designers thanks to its ease of use. A powerful software platform that works with bitmaps and vectors, it is packed with great features.

6 Affinity Designer

Created for professionals, Affinity Designer can cope with numerous design tasks, such as web design, branding, repeating patterns and typography, and can be used successfully across digital or analogue media.


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