Kickass torrents alternatives: P2P downloads are still very much alive

Kickass torrents alternatives

At this time Kickass Torrents no longer exists. The competent authorities have closed the largest torrent file on the network. We offer you the best Kickass torrents alternatives so you do not miss it. Today is one of those days when you have a hard time waking up as an editor of a medium dedicated to the Internet.

The normal thing in any other situation would be to take your hands to your head. But we are talking about the Torrent community. It’s a blow, yes, but it’s not a tragedy. If anything have achieved the webs dedicated to this topic is to create what in the world is known as “hydra effect” : cut ahead, and a new one will appear.

Kickass torrents alternatives

This is what happens with the already named The Pirate Bay. It has suffered blockades in a multitude of countries. It always resurfaces ready to give war. The closing of Kickass Torrents does not end the problem, but it will make a lot of noise. To begin with we are talking about it here.

If you think that after the closure of KAT you have been orphaned or that you will not have anywhere to go, do not worry. We are going to offer you the best Kickass torrents alternatives. So, you can continue putting your finger in the eye of the competent authorities. You may read also the best aptoide alternatives.

Kickass torrents alternatives

There are lots of torrent websites available on the web. Here, you will find the alternatives of Kickass Torrents. Let’s start.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay: King of the torrents

The Pirate Bay is the logical alternative . We talked before that has suffered blockades in many countries including ours, but it is easily raffled. You can access it either through your domain in the Dark Web using the Tor browser or through any of the available proxies with your usual browser. In either of the two ways you can skip the blockade in Spain.

In terms of content, you can find almost anything . The library of The Pirate Bay in recent years was not as extensive as the Kickass Torrents. Moreover, the website of Swedish origin had ceded its leadership to KAT in recent years, but today may be the best possible alternative.


Extratorrent, a multitude of content at your fingertips

Extratorrent is postulated as another firm candidate to replace the gap left by Kickass Torrents. It has a powerful search engine and even has direct links to the popular website about the P2P Torrentfreak community. It has one of the most active communities and is the headquarters of the ETTV and ETRG groups. It handles most of the series and film releases circulating on the Internet. Keep reading: MyDownloadtube


Torrentz, the metasearch of the torrent network

Torrentz is a rare case in the alternatives that we are going to present in this article. It is not a website that hosts .torrent files or magnet links but behaves like a torrent browser that redirects to other pages. Useful to find anything you are looking for, with a vast library granted by hundreds of websites attached to your search engine.


1337x, finally stable after a complicated year

1337x started the year with a large part of its staff getting off the boat due to safety concerns. Today the web works perfectly and with the new administration, which seems to have solved the problems they had for now. It is worth taking a look.


TorrentHound, another torrent expert

TorrentHound is similar to The Pirate Bay. It has been blocked in many countries and denounced as “pirate cave” before the competent authorities on many occasions. We are talking about a website that has been waging war since the beginning of the 21st century, but for some reason until recently. It had not yet entered among the 10 most visited torrent websites . It has a large library that will allow you to find what you are looking for.


Bitsnoop, simple but effective

The first thing that catches your attention when you enter Bitsnoop is the sobriety of your homepage. It is a search engine, and you’re done, nothing else is necessary. From there, you will only have to enter the keywords you want to act as a filter to find the content you want to see.

Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor, another familiar face of the scene

Torrent Reactor has also been waging war for a long time . It has a powerful search engine and a tag cloud where you can find the keywords that most users use to find the content you are looking for. It is another index without frills to go when we are looking for something concrete.

As you can see, stopping Kickass Torrents does not solve the problem anywhere near . There are still many visible heads that can continue to continue the work. Surely, it can never be cut in its entirety. It is very difficult to try to put doors to the field, although we can let the authorities keep trying.

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