The evolution of the company gaming industry

The entire video games industry is vast, with total revenues that exceed the music and movie industries combined globally. This last year or so has seen two new games consoles launched, but there is one area that is continuing to expand even more rapidly, and that is computer gaming.

In fact, PC gaming is so popular today that it has developed a new economy all of its own. Such is the demand for gaming parts for PCs that they are selling for 2 or 3 times the retail price, with mad scrambles to buy as stock is announced. The key driver of this is the way PC gaming works. For the most part, games are available on several platforms, including consoles and PC. However, because PCs can be readily updated with ease, they tend to be more powerful than consoles, with PC gamers proud of the way their versions of games often look and perform better.

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But to do that, especially after the new generation of consoles emerge, means that PC gamers need the latest tech available to them, especially the heart of a gaming computer, the graphics card. With chip shortages worldwide and more people than ever looking to build a gaming PC thanks to lockdowns, a perfect storm led to graphics cards becoming the hottest product in technology. Even today, a year later, manufacturers can’t keep up with demand and queues form overnight outside computer specialists when stock is expected.

It’s about the PC as much as the games

For many of these enthusiasts, having the latest tech inside their PC is not enough, it has to look spectacular, with RGB lighting and other tricks, in fact having a beautiful PC is as much a part of it as playing the games.

As technology marches on, surface treatments have become integral to the gaming PC world, because gaming parts must look good as well as perform for these enthusiasts. With electroless nickel coating and other surface treatments, PC parts are now as much an art form as they are technology, and having the best-looking PC is part of the experience for PC gaming enthusiasts. Find out more at

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PTFE coatings for tubing are also important, reducing friction and improving heat resistance for the cooling systems that use liquid to remove heat from key components. With more and more PC gamers looking to make a unique, great looking computer, surface treatments of all kinds are being deployed on cases, parts and even brackets and screws to make sure every detail of the computer is perfect.

Surface Treatments are found everywhere

There is no denying that surface treatments are found in almost everything we do. Today, even computer gaming enthusiasts use a range of such surface treatments to create a unique look, superior performance and more.

With their range of useful properties and looks, coatings and a range of other surface treatments find new uses in surprising applications. While PC gaming is one you may not expect, from space rockets to kitchenware, the uses for high quality coatings are endless.




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