Tech Tips to benefit from in 2021

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The past year came with so many challenges. Though we are not out of the woods yet, we have learned new ways of doing things. The education sector made great strides in online learning platforms. Technology was the pivotal platform that kept things going and in the future. To better understand the technology and take advantage of it for the better, and later on can work at master writing jobs yourself.

Use Slidego to find cool presentation themes

Make your presentation fun and easy to understand by using cool themes from this app. The platform offers templates that one can use for professional purposes. It also offers lessons on how to effectively use these themes and make the best out of them.

Use Unscreen to get rid of video backgrounds

You can use this app to add fun to your video by removing the background. You can make personalized stickers and gifs using this fantastic tool. The process is simple. You upload the video to Unscreen, and it will remove the background for you. You can customize your video by adding fun graphics, images, and colors.

Learn shortcuts to open and close tabs

Closing a site by mistake can be a regrettable action that you wish to reverse quickly. However, if you do not know the shortcut to do so, you will waste a lot of time looking for the link. Keyboard shortcuts make it easy for us to navigate through computer applications. Therefore, learning these keyboard shortcuts will help you save a lot of time.

Organize your bookmark bar on your browser

The best way to access your favorite sites is to bookmark them. Also, another way to go further and make it more convenient is by ensuring that you arrange the bookmarks so that you can easily reach them. You can do this by placing them in folders in a logical arrangement.

Use two monitors to teach and learn online

Using two screens is an efficient way to present your work and ensure that you engage all your listeners. One can use one screen to project the learning content while the other can see all the students and easily reach them.

Annotate PDFs with Kami

This app is gaining a good reputation in educational platforms. It allows for the annotation and markup of pdf files using various tools. You can use the app by accessing the online version or installing the app on your device.

Mote extension for timesaving audio feedback

Give your students feedback easily and quickly by using the Mote extension on your browser. This application is compatible with classroom apps, sheets, slides, and doc. It is a good time-saver and makes the engagement with learners better.

Ad-Free YouTube Hack

The most dreadful part of watching YouTube videos is when one encounters unskippable adverts of the many ads that pop up in between a video. It is often a distraction which makes it hard for one to concentrate on the main continent in the video. The remedy to this problem is to insert the phase _popup after the word watch on the YouTube link. This way, you will never worry about ads anymore.

Get up to speed and start making the best out of technological advancements as the world embraces its use in all sectors.

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