How to Remove Screen Protector and Add a New One

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How to remove screen protector

I will show how to remove a cell phone screen protector without damaging you safely. I have a crack in my screen protector. This is a tempered glass screen protector. So, I’m going to take it off and replace it with a new one.

How to remove screen protector?

First, I’m going to remove the back so that I have a flat surface on the top for the screen protector. I’m going to start removing the glass from the broken section as you can see its already lifting and I’m careful to do this over a tray. Because any shards of glass you want to keep contained. This is held on by an adhesive. So, I’m trying to do right now is break the adhesive. So, I went around the perimeter and you can see I did crack it a little bit more.

How to remove screen protector

It will probably end up with a lot more cracks. By the time we’re done with this or replacing it anyway but with the perimeter broken. It should be a little bit looser to take off and because the face of the phone is tempered glass. The steel should not scratch it, but still, you want to be careful the edges of the phone may not be that resistant to scratching.

Now, I’m going a little bit deeper you’re gonna pull the blade out a little bit more so that I can get even deeper along the edges. We can see we have a crack all the way along there, so we should be able to take this section off be good. It is still held together. It hasn’t cracked fully. So, I’m just going to keep coming down and we have almost the whole thing released.

It is still in one piece despite all these cracks. The adhesive must be keeping it together on this other side. But now we should be ready to clean the screen and then add a new protector. Most screen protectors you buy will come with most of the tools that you need to get your screen prepared for. The glass protector we can see that there are some wipes there’s wet and dry and then the dust absorber is used after the wet and dry.

Wipes to make sure that there’s no dust left from the dry towel. Make sure, cover all the screen you should try this should be getting rid of all of this many marks too. Now, with the dry towel, we can get rid of all of that moisture and it looks dry but you might be able to see a little bit of dust leftover from the dry towel. They have left a little behind. With the dust absorber sticker, I’m just going to go along the screen and clear it up. The screen is now clear of all dirt smudges and fibers left over from the towel.

Add a new screen protector

Add a new screen protector

We should be ready to place the screen protector. My screen protector is protected in this foam and it is another tempered glass. There’s a film on the back of the screen protector they’re gonna peel off reveal the adhesive and then place on the phone and these other stickers that we haven’t used yet. It will be placed in different places on the phone.

We don’t have to touch the protector as we’re lowering it down. Hold the stickers I’m going to place the first tab on one of the corners. I’m making sure that it’s on the front of the protector, not on the back where the adhesive is and then the second one I will place in the upper corner. You’ll want to place these and avoid any features on the phone. If we cover that up, it’ll be hard to see where to set the ports for the speaker and the camera.

Hold on to the screen protector without touching it as we lower it on to the phone after taking off the adhesive backing shield. Once you remove this adhesive shield, it’s important not to touch this face where the adhesive. It is those smudges that will probably show up for a long time. So, carefully lowering it down line it up with all the features as a phone. Then place it down. It should remain from the adhesive stop. I have it in the location now looks pretty well centered.

The bottom here is not trying to lift again. I’m gonna spend the most time on it. Fortunately, as I was placing it the bottom shifted to the right a little bit. So, there’s this sliver maybe 1/32 of an inch big down here at the bottom and then some extra screen protector over on this side. It’s not quite centered. This is probably the trickiest part of the operation but has some more on order.

If you came to the right place online, you could get in for less than a dollar or piece. So, they’re cheap and easy to replace and hopefully, if you replace yours, you can get it centered better than this.

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