How to Make a Phone Untraceable to Defend Privacy?

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How to make a phone untraceable to defend privacy

The modern society has now become a spy society where all of us who use daily smartphones and tablets can be constantly tracked and spied upon. Unfortunately, this is one of the downsides of advanced technology. For this reason, it is not enough to use increasingly advanced devices as they become increasingly sensitive to the satellite control that is carried out by detecting the GPS signal.

All of us can defend our privacy and our sensitive data through procedures to be implemented with meticulousness and awareness.

How to make a phone untraceable?

To do this, we can also use simple applications or more complicated encryption systems. Those who are not familiar with this kind of thing can find it really useful to read this guide where it is explained how to make a mobile phone or any other electronic device untraceable.

How to make a phone untraceable to defend privacy

Purchase an integrated encryption device

In the event that you have substantial economic resources, you may resort to the purchase of a mobile device with integrated encryption technology, in order to prevent communications and SMS messages from being intercepted. It is, in fact, a device that, thanks to software contained within it, is able to encrypt phone calls with very complex and randomly generated algorithms. If someone wishes to trace your telephone conversation, it will be sufficient to encrypt the call so that the subject cannot hear anything but an incomprehensible sound.

Use software to encrypt

To make a mobile phone untraceable, an alternative security optimization system can be used which does not necessarily imply a large economic expenditure. We are talking about software that is capable of encrypting all incoming and outgoing calls from a telephone, obviously at the request of the user. Encryption with codes and security algorithms will cover not only calls but also SMS and the transmission of personal data enjoying high levels of protection.

Process of encrypting:

Encrypting the data of an Android device means changing the data stored in the phone’s memory. All this can be done, so that they are reachable only after inserting an unlock key. Who does not know the pin will not be able to enter the encrypted files contained in the phone memory. The encryption in a device, it’s a way that gives us the security of our data. Do everything with calm. Do you know, Where to find GIF?

You have to go to phone settings and choose SECURITY from the menu. After go down and click on the item ‘Encrypt phone’. But first, you will have to enter a password or a numeric pin. It will serve to lock the phone and ensure access to files. This process takes at least an hour, but it all depends on the number of files that the mobile phone has to encrypt, and the type of mobile phone.

Use applications that hide data

There is an application for different devices that allows you to keep hidden data, photos, videos, messages and anything else you want to protect from prying eyes. This is Wickr an application that guarantees an advanced level of encryption and extends protection to metadata that derives from the elimination of related files. In addition, it is absolutely free, available on Google Play for Android devices and on iTunes for iOS devices. This application, capable of ensuring total protection, can even modify the identification code of the mobile phone, namely the IMEI. In the paid version, you can access advanced features that prove useful and satisfying.

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