How to Display Internet Connection Speed ​​on Android

How to display internet connection speed ​​on android

One thing that concerns us the most and that we are most aware of when we use the telephone is the internet connection. Whether we want to keep our data consumption at bay or because we want to know if we have a good download and data transmission speed.

How to display internet connection speed ​​on android?

We are always thinking about device connectivity. Perhaps because smartphones today are aimed at a broad spectrum of society, sometimes it is necessary to pull accessibility and practicality is often relegated to the background. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visualize the internet connection speed from the top status bar of our Android phone itself?

Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

This is what this app for Android does. Its only function is to show you at all times the bandwidth of your Internet connection and the data consumption made.

Once the application is installed, you just have to open it, and a marker with the device connection speed will automatically appear in the top bar of our phone. Be careful; the data that appears is not the bandwidth. It is not a speed test, nor does it show what the maximum download speed that we can have is. The information that shows us is at what speed we are transmitting and downloading data from the phone. Therefore, if Android is not sending or receiving information, the download speed will be 0.

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Another advantage of this app is that it allows you to see a history of your data consumption. So, if your rate depends on the amount of information you download, it is a good control tool. To see both current and historical data consumption display the notification bar, and then click on the notification to see the detail.

Final thought,

It is a very useful app to monitor the connectivity of our smartphone, and besides light is not at all annoying. If you are one of those who are missing this utility in the native version of Android, Internet Speed ​​Meter is a good choice.

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