Gopro Polarizer Filter: What It Is and When to Use It

Among the many accessories available for our GoPro cameras, there are not only hooks, supports and selfie sticks, but also a large number of GoPro polarizer filters that can help us improve the quality of our action cam.

What is GoPro polarizer filter?

In photography or video in general, a fundamental component for a good result is light: but sometimes, it is necessary to reduce it or “control” its effects, in order not to ruin our image. The polarizing filter belongs to this category of accessories.

gopro polarizer filter

Using a filter, you will immediately get a more contrasted image with more saturated and defined colors. But above all, you will eliminate the annoying reflections that are created on reflective surfaces, and which could ruin your image or deceive the eye of the GoPro by altering its exposure and brightness.

In nature

In nature, there are many situations in which the polarizing filter is useful. For example, it can be used at the seaside to remove the sun’s reflection on the water and rippling waves.

In the mountains, due to the reflection of the snow and its crystals, it is essential to use a polarizing filter to obtain the best photographic results, perhaps using the RAW format shot.

Even shooting a Time-Lapse with white clouds in the sky can come in handy: it will reduce the reflection of the sun on the cloud and increase the contrast of white in the sky.

In the city

The filter is not only useful in nature but is also of fundamental importance in the city or urban metropolis.

Especially in big cities, perhaps with skyscrapers or where there are many windows and windows, it is important to try to limit the reflections of the sun on the glass as much as possible. There is no better way to do this than to use a GoPro polarizer filter.

Even the metallic bodies of the cars can be a source of unexpected strong reflections!

Furthermore, the filter, being almost always an additional lens to that of the GoPro, is also valid extra protection from bumps and scratches to the main lens: especially when traveling, where perhaps less attention is paid to storing the camera during daily use.


The polarized filters are surely part of those accessories GoPro that make big difference in the final result. Very easy to use in almost all environments where the light is excessive and creates little contrast or strong reflections: you will not need to adjust or set any parameters, and the result will always be 100% safe. You will see that when you try it, you will never want to take it off from your beloved GoPro!

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