Donkey Kong Country Walkthrough: Every Single Level, from Barrel Through Brinstar

Donkey Kong Country Walkthrough

Did you know that there is a Donkey Kong Country walkthrough that covers every single level, from barrel through Brinstar? This blog article will take you through all the levels in the game and explain what strategies to use for each one.

How to Play DKC

In this Donkey Kong Country walkthrough, we’re going to show you how to play every single level from Barrel Through Brinstar, step-by-step. If you’re just getting started with the game, or want a refresher on a specific level, this guide is for you!

Donkey Kong Country Walkthrough

Barrel: This level starts off with DK riding on top of a barrel, and he has to jump onto platforms while dodging barrels that are being thrown at him by some spiked enemies. The objective is to make it to the end of the level without getting hit.

Cranky’s Cavern: In this level, DK must climb up tall vines while avoiding obstacles and enemies. There are also cannons placed throughout the level that can be used to blast DK up to higher areas.

Diddy’s Mine: In this levels, Diddy Kong has to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding obstacles. Some of these obstacles include water droplets that fall from the ceiling, and bouncing objects that move around randomly.

Grapefruit Garden: In this level, players must use vine swings and ladders in order to navigate their way through the levels dense foliage. There are also bonus items hidden throughout the level which can give players an edge in completing it quickly.

Types of Levels in the Game

There are a total of six levels in Donkey Kong Country, each with a different objective.

Level 1: Barrel Blast through the trees and collect all the bananas.

Level 2: Climb to the top of the tower and defeat King K. Rool.

Level 3: Fly across the sky on an airplane and collect all the coins.

Level 4: Head down into the mines and defeat all of the enemies.

Level 5: Jump over obstacles as you make your way through Brinstar’s lava river.

Level 6: Defeat King K. Rool once again to complete the level.

Bonus Levels

If you’ve beaten the game on any difficulty, you’ll unlock a bonus level that’s different for each character. In these levels, Donkey Kong is riding an elevator up or down, Diddy Kong is riding a barrel through obstacles, and Mario is walking on platforms. If you beat the bonus level as each character, you’ll unlock a special ending in which all three characters appear together.

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