Cheat Engine Alternatives for Ios: Download the 10 Best Alternatives

Cheat Engine Alternative

Cheat Engine is one of the most popular apps for hacking games. It is not available on the iPhone. That’s why we look for a few cheat engine alternatives that do work on iOS.

Is cheat engine safe? Yes. They are very useful, although at first glance it may seem very complex to use, it allows you to change many fundamental parameters at will, mainly from games both online and installed on the PC. You can try WhatsApp mod apk list.

If you want to cheat on your favorite games, you have it easier than ever. Tools like Cheat Engine are your best ally, allowing you to access the internal data of each game to get what you always dreamed of: infinite lives, more money Uncle Gilito, gems to bore you. So, many tokens that the character can’t carry. You just need the right tool to hack your favorite games and get all the advantages you can imagine.

Best cheat engine alternatives for ios

How we always try to rescue this suffering group of users with a list of the best cheat engine mac alternatives for iOS. One important thing that you should keep in mind right now: you need to jailbreak your device in the vast majority of the options presented below. If you have not done the jailbreak, you can still get performance from some of the apps we offer, but it will not do the same as Cheat Engine allows. Keep Reading code geass season 3


What these apps do is dive into the device’s memory in search of parameters used by the games that can be modified. GameGem is the first of your alternatives. On paper like the vast majority of these apps is a device memory debugger, but users are pillows and have managed to give it other uses. It contains some advertising, but it is a lesser evil in exchange for filling your virtual pockets. It requires a jailbreak, “of course.”


Gameplayer is a Chinese tool that acts similarly, one of the three most popular. With the jailbreak done as it could not be otherwise, you will have to download your DEB file and install it by the usual channels in this dark world. After trick parameters as if there was no tomorrow and say goodbye definitely to frustration.


This is the only payment tool for the entire list. Advantage? Well, the logical support of its creator if you decide to subscribe to their service. In these cases, you already know that everything depends on a thread. The positive is that it is compatible with a large number of iOS versions, and that allows many users to take advantage of this option. Three dollars per device, in case you were wondering. Simple to use as a baby’s pacifier: you look for numbers and the editor offers you the results so you can modify them as you wish. As usual, it does not work with all games, so you can not ask claims later from the developer. Keep in mind that online games with encrypted databases will not work and if they did, you would be banned.

Goodbye to integrated purchases

They don’t work exactly like Cheat Engine when it comes to how to trick games, but these other apps may also give you what you’re looking for. Those lives, gems or tokens that you so much crave on many occasions are offered as in-game purchases. The selection we make now collects apps capable of skipping those purchases.


Most popular that can be found in iOS, an app capable of falsifying purchases by sending fake receipts so you can get the entire store at zero cost. As always: it does not work in 100% of the games and you have to try yourself in those where you want to use it, and you need jailbreak to be able to install it on your device.


In the same style as the previous one. This time the app has its database with “patches” that you can apply to games to get this and that. Once you download those patches that interest you, enjoy playing. In the same app, you have a list with all the patches, so you save wasting time with the “trial and error” process.


The third option related to the hacking of integrated purchases. This has a smaller potential audience: to use it, you must have done the Electra jailbreak, which greatly reduces the number of users that can benefit from it. If this is your case, you are in luck, do not forget to try it if any of the above options has not been valid for you.

iAP Cracker

We end up with a fourth option for those who come here with little hope because it has not worked out of the above. iAP Cracker is another traditional shopping hacker among the jailbreak iPhone user community that has had its ups and downs but can also be very useful. With it, you will save those integrated purchases and get the items you want quickly.

Apps and games hacked “factory”

The last option is the repositories of apps and games already tricked from the factory. In the following alternatives of the list, you do not work with the memory of the device. Still, they offer directly retouched versions of your games and apps. In many cases, it includes what you are trying to achieve.


One of the most popular solutions with listings of trick apps to bore you. One of the main advantages is that it can be used without jailbreak, so those users who are not willing to perform the process can also benefit. Of course, you will not find all the games and apps, but a good number and especially the most popular. Installing these MODs, you will have access to versions of games with all currencies, lives, integrated purchases, without advertising …


It works similarly to TuTuApp, which is to say that more than cheat games, it is offered by home tricks. To install it, you will have to visit its website using the Safari of your iOS devices. Of course, here if jailbreak is required. If you do not have and still want to use it, you will have to opt for iPastore, the payment solution of the developers themselves.


The third of the options in this field is AppValley, another tool that has gained a lot of popularity in recent months by listening to hacked versions of games and apps. The movement in its database is continuous, so don’t faint if you can’t find the hacked game that you expected because any user could share it at any time.

Final words,

Cheat Engine is a popular software of this type available on desktop operating systems and also offers an Android version, but iPhone users are out of the equation since there is no version available for them. These cheat engine alternatives for ios can help you to play games and other apps without risks.

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