When is drain lining necessary?

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Pipes and drains are under constant attack from their surroundings and environment, but most people only become aware of this when they have a problem and require professional services to rectify the issue. Most customers will consider problems with their pipes and drainage to be an emergency and will be looking for a high quality solution.

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Many people will have no idea that their drains are experiencing difficulties until they actually fail and cause an acute problem. However, the telltale signs will be present long before the system fails. It is always sensible to ensure that you are aware of the early warning signs so that you can seek advice before the problem becomes an emergency. Slow flow is the first sign, but many will simply use chemical methods or home remedies to try to disperse whatever has built up in the pipe. Homeowners should not be able to smell their drains, so any unpleasant aroma should be investigated as soon as possible.

Bubbling and gurgling noises coming from the system are another warning sign that your drainage is under stress and failing. Citizens Advice provides information about responsibility and liability for the different aspects of drainage systems and where the property owner’s obligations end.

Drain lining as a remedy

Digging out and replacing drainage pipes is a costly and disruptive process. Drain lining is a far more cost-effective and all round easier solution to many common drain problems and should always be considered as an option. Drain lining involves surveying and then making a liner to match the dimensions of the damaged pipe, which is coated in epoxy and gives rise to its technical name ‘cure in place pipe’. The coated material also has an uninflated balloon in the centre of it, and when this bladder is inflated, the air simply pushes the liner into place against the walls of the damaged pipe.

In this way, the existing pipe is retained and made stronger without the challenges of digging and removal or the environmental costs associated with this process, together with the manufacture of new piping. There are many strong arguments for choosing drain lining Oldbury and elsewhere, with the abundance of trees and older pipeworks. Specialists such as those seen here wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-repairs/drain-repairs-oldbury will be able to assist with any drain issues.

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Drainage work involves disruptive digging in contrast with new technology such as drain lining.

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